What is mAgri?

Connecting the unconnected. mAgri is a USSD mobile application that will help transform the way the farming community interacts. It allows all farmers (including the mostly underserved in remote villages) to market their products and services across the country. This powerful tool will allow service providers, and other users to create their own mobile stores, and allow farmers to search for and compare prices on hundreds of products and services. Using any phone (including simple phones eg sedilame) and from anywhere

. To access mAgri, Farmers simply dial *118# on any mobile phone (including a basic phone or sedilame). The service is currently live on Orange.


Agriculture Information

Have access to Agricultural and Farming tips specific to the kind of farming activities you engage in and weather alerts. Explore our Search tips function and learn more today!


Business Profile

Set up a business profile containing your products or services enabling thousands of other farmers to have access to your mobile store!


Market Place

Have access to markets, search, order and buy! mAgri gives you access to the agri products and services of your choice offered by other farmers across the network.



Chat and interact with other farmers including your modisa across the network. Join Botswana’s first mobile farming community today!



Do you want any extra information? Explore your knowledge base by using Wikipedia.



Keep in touch with farmers, merchants and other members of the agricultural ecosystem via email from ANY phone!

How it Works

mAgri is a mobile app that uses USSD technology, meaning you can use it on ANY phone, including sedilame (basic phone). You simply dial *118# and that's it, you have access to the service. When you dial *118# and you have never used the service, you will be asked for your name, surname, district, gender etc to simply set up your profile. After this first step you will be prompted to the main menu and you can use the service!

Agri Tips and Weather Alerts

Access info such as local weather, market prices of crops and livestock per location, farming tips and much more!


The Wikipedia menu allows you to search for any term you want to search therefore increasing your knowledge base on that term.

Business Profile. (Who Am I)

Create a Business profile offering information such as your name, location, products and services.


Chat with other farmers or your modisa and email from any phone ranging from sedilame to iPhone10.


nFrnds generates an email address for you which you can use to email anyone you would like to. You can check your inbox, sent items and compose.

Market Place

Search to find service providers and sellers based on profile, location, products or interests. Giving you access to more markets.


Learn more about mAgri and how our company is doing by looking through our blog posts.

M.Stimela, Co-founder of mAgri talking at CTABrussels youth entrepreneurship panel, edd2017 Brussels

June 07, 2017

Co-founder Martin Stimela was invited to Brussels, Belgium to be a panellist speaker at the prestigious EUdevdays talking about youth in agribusiness and Job Creation.

Magri launches in the DRC 2021!!!!

12 May, 2021

It's the beginning of a new dawn for Brastorne Enterprises as we expand our impact to reach feature phone users in DRC.

mAgri’s USSD Mobile Marketplace Empowers Women in Botswana 2021!!!!!!

June 21, 2021

Of Africa’s 1 billion people, 650 million own mobile phones—yet, paradoxically, most lack meaningful digital access; experts project 750 million Africans are “digitally excluded.”6.

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Brastorne is a 100% youth owned company, aspiring to develop sustainable technologies that have a relevance in the African market. Unlike most, we base our solutions on the local environment where there is bandwidth limitations and data is expensive. We focus on USSD, SMS, plug and play, store and forward etc.

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